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Local Marketing Services

We’re proud to offer the following services to our clients. If there’s something you’re looking for that isn’t listed, please let us know.

Local Directory Listings (Including Google My Business)

You’ve probably noticed the map-based results when looking for local services using Google, Bing, or Yahoo! search. What you might not know is how those results get there and what determines the order they are shown in.

Search providers (Google, Bing, Yahoo!) scour local directories for information about local businesses and process it to understand what services are being offered. Then, when someone performs a search for something the search engine thinks is a local service, the search provider may use these listings to help put up a map of local businesses offering that service.

If and where your business is listed in these results will vary based on the number of directories it is found in, whether it is found in places it should be listed (ex. avvo for lawyers), and how many reviews are present. That last bit is pretty important, so read it again and let it sink in.

What it means is that having more reviews is better – even if your overall rating from those reviews might be lower. Of course, true to their nature, the search providers will probably change the way that decision is made tomorrow and make this page inaccurate. They do it all the time, and – unless you like keeping up on such things – it’s a very good reason to partner with someone that does.

Okie Local can claim, correct, and expand your local directory listings, and make sure you’re listed in the right ones for your business type. The result is a higher ranking in local search and a higher placement in those map-based results.

Review Management

If your business has local directory listings – and it should if you’re serious about your local marketing strategy – there’s the chance that people are already reviewing you.

Do you know about all of them? More importantly, do you know about all of the bad ones?

Okie Local knows how to help your business get more reviews. Not only that, but we can help you improve them over time, and – yes – we can even help you turn the bad ones into an asset for winning new business.

Local Search Engine Optimization

Local directory listings are an important part of any local marketing strategy, but they’re not the only part. Having a website that caters to local searches is also important. Recent studies show that as much as 50% of searches for local services result in a click-through to a website listing – not a map-based result.

In case you haven’t heard – or are unclear on what the above statement is saying – you need a website. Not just any website though – you need one that puts you at the top of that local search result, and the more competition you have the more important that website is as a local marketing asset.

In fact, Okie Local has over 20 years in website development, and we understand how to build a site that gets your business found in local searches. While we (nor anybody else) can’t promise what your placement in those results will be, we can promise to improve your visibility over time.

A lot of factors go into how a search provider will order (rank) your pages in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages), and we are constantly studying to stay up on them.

Local Content Marketing

Having a website is indispensable for local businesses. Done right, it’s a doorway for potential local customers to find each of your business locations, determine the services that are offered there, and then make contact with that location to turn the interaction into a sale. The possibilities don’t stop there though.

As more and more of your competitors wise up to the importance of having a website, the level of competition rises. When this happens to your business, content marketing can be a great strategy to help you stay ahead of the competition.

What is content marketing? It’s the process of learning what your local customers are looking for that relates to your business and then giving away free information on your website by creating pages that explain what something is and how to do it. A good example of this can be seen on the big-box DIY store sites.

Content marketing shows your expertise and lets customers give you a taste test prior to committing their hard-earned dollars to a purchase. Some people may simply read the information and apply it, others will read the information, realize they’re in over their head, and give you a call. Still others will simply call you right away to perform that service for them.

Social Marketing

Your business probably already has a Google+ page and a Facebook page. It may have others as well. We’ll claim these and correct the information on them as part of our Local Directory Listings service, but there’s so much more you can do with them.

Ever thought about trying Facebook advertising? How about YouTube advertising? These are two really great options for getting in front of people on social channels that we would love to help you with.

Of course, social is more than ads. It’s updates and responding to comments from fans. Sharing updates from content you create as part of your Local Content Marketing can be a great thing too.

Okie Local has experience with all the above, and we’d be more than glad to bring those skills to bear for your local business. We’ll find out which social networks your customers are using, get you signed-up, and even post content and respond to comments on your behalf. Interested?

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